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Summer Reading Homework

Students Entering Pre-Kindergarten 4 Early Childhood High Frequency Word List Students Entering Kindergarten Early Childhood High Frequency Word List Students Entering First Grade First Grade Summer Reading Log Students Entering Second Grade Second Grade Summer Reading Log Students Entering Intermediate Grade Levels Revised Intermediate Required Reading List and Assignments Students Entering Middle School Grade Levels  […]


Tall Ships Race

Portugal is known for their Portuguese Navy and their fleet of powerful ships. In preparation for our visit to Portugal and Spain, each student is asked to create a ship that you will race in our very own Blessed Sacrament Catholic School’s Tall Ships Race. You will have until May 24 th to create your […]


Improvisation Day

To reward students for having attained competency in music fundamentals, I have designated Wednesdays as improvisation day.  On this day, students have the opportunity to explore, create, collaborate, and make choices about what instruments to play.  The use of online music tutorials allows for self-guided learning. My role during improvisation day is to facilitate, monitor […]


Future Engineers

After learning about the attributes of polygons and 3 dimensional shapes, the Second Grade students were given a STEAM activity in which they had to build 3 Dimensional shapes.  Their objective was to build a cube, a rectangular prism, and a triangular prism using toothpicks, skewers, and marshmallows.   To complete this challenge students had to […]


The Triduum

    During the Holy Week, the children are being prepared thoughtfully, prayerfully to embrace the Paschal Mystery of Jesus Christ with a gracious heart. The children are taught to be able to understand the liturgies of Palm Sunday and the Triduum.  The children are in memory of the Suffering, Death and Resurrection of Christ […]



Through a class discussion, the Kindergarten class discovered that they share a love of dinosaurs. So, the students spent the last few weeks learning about six different dinosaurs. They worked in small groups and dug deep (researched) to learn about these amazing creatures from long ago. In the end, they learned interesting facts, made posters […]


Curious Li’l Minds

This year, Blessed Sacrament Catholic School has entered into a partnership with PK4SA.  In particular, our school has benefited from professional development and resources which have promoted STEAM activities.  The grant allotment has allowed for the purchase of STEAM supplies to support classroom projects. Our Pre-Kindergarten 4 students have been very busy learning about flowers […]


Learning Never Ends

The 5th Graders continue to learn about the Seven Sacraments. They completed an interesting lesson on the Gifts and the Fruits of the Holy Spirit. Texas History has become so important to the 4th Graders. They are planning to sponsor a Wax Museum in May and will portray a famous Texas Hero. There is an […]


History Repeating Itself

Seventh Grade students are utilizing their technology skills by making slides and showing comparisons between the U.S. Revolution and the Texas Revolution with Google Slides and Microsoft Power Point.  This is an important project for the Seventh Grade class, because it prepares and gives insight ahead of  next year’s Eighth Grade Social Studies – U.S. […]

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