"Building the City of God Beginning with a Spiritual and Academic Foundation."


Spring 2023

Blessed Sacrament Catholic School welcomes the opportunity to speak with candidates who are interested in pursuing a teaching ministry within our Catholic school.  In the event an opening becomes available, Blessed Sacrament will follow the established procedures for posting employment opportunities.  Additonally, any open positions will be posted on this page.

In addition to the qualifications established by the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops’ Education Department (TCCBED) and the Department of Catholic Schools (DCS), Blessed Sacrament Catholic School seeks candidates that are:

  • Christ-centered and student-centered
  • Morally and intellectually qualified
  • Carefully prepared and deeply committed
  • Hypothesis-makers and Socratic questioners
  • Life-long learners – personally and professionally
  • Champions of the dignity of each person, the power of the intellect, the sanctity of the human conscience, and the right of free will
  • Educators of the whole person – spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional, social, and physical
  • Facilitators of responsible moral autonomy
  • Caring moral role models
  • Builders of Christian community
  • Synthesizers of faith, reason, faith, and life
  • Evangelizers of the Gospel Message
  • Witnesses of justice, mercy, service, and worship
  • Current in their catechesis
  • Beacons of Hope

Blessed Sacrament Catholic School is an equal opportunity employer in regards to race, national origin, and gender.

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Principal's Corner

Our Field Day will take place on Wednesday, May 24, 2023. Students may wear a Blessed Sacrament shirt, t-shirt, or jersey with comfortable shorts, and tennis shoes or water shoes. “Basketball Shorts” may be worn.
Students are asked to bring a water bottle, baseball cap, and are encouraged to come to school wearing sun screen applied at home by a parent or guardian.
As water will be used, students are highly encouraged to bring a towel. Bathing suits maybe worn under their spirit attire.