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Bulldogs B.A.R.K.


As students earn Bulldog Bucks, they can redeem them for the incentives below.  Other items will be added as requested by teachers, staff members, parents, and students.  Please keep in mind the following rules about our Blessed Sacrament Bulldog Bucks:

  • Lost Bulldog Bucks will not be replaced.
  • All Bulldog Bucks must be signed by a teacher or staff member.
  • Students will turn in their Bulldog Bucks as they are redeemed.

10 Bulldog Bucks

  • Extra Brainbreak in Class of Your Choice
  • Line Leader for the Day
  • Your Choice of Seating at Lunch for Two Consecutive Days
  • Your Choice of Seating in Classroom for One Day
  • Wear Socks of Your Choice for a Day
  • Bring a Stuffed Animal to School for a Day

20 Bulldog Bucks

  • Candy Jar Selection in Mr. Fierro’s Office
  • Classroom Job Selection for One Day
  • Computer Time (Free Choice)
  • Homework Pass
  • Sit in the Teacher’s Chair for a Day
  • Sit with a Teacher of Your Choice at Lunch for One Day
  • Sensory Toy Selection from Mr. Fierro’s Treasure Box
  • “Phone a Friend” for a Quiz Question

25 Bulldog Bucks

  • A Breakfast Taco During Morning Homeroom
  • Pan Dulce for You and a Friend
  • Jean with Uniform Top for Three Consecutive Days
  • 10 Minutes of Extra Recess for You and a Friend
  • Free Dress Day
  • Bring a Fidget Toy to Class for a Day
  • Student Highlight on School’s Announcement, Social Media, and Website

50 Bulldog Bucks

  • Paletas for You and Four Friends
  • Choose an Appropriate Pandora Station to Play Music During One Lunch Period
  • Change a Classroom Rule for a Day
  • Spirit Dress for One Week – Including Friday

75 Bulldog Bucks

  • Chick-fil-A Provided by Mr. Fierro for One Lunch Day
  • Walk to CiCi’s Pizza for Lunch for You and Two Friends (1 Hour Total, Lunch Not Paid)
  • Movie and Popcorn for You and Five Friends During School Hours

100 Bulldog Bucks

  • Pick a Themed Dress Day for Your Class
  • Select A Team Shirt that Mr. Fierro has to Wear for a Day


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Principal's Corner

Our Field Day will take place on Wednesday, May 24, 2023. Students may wear a Blessed Sacrament shirt, t-shirt, or jersey with comfortable shorts, and tennis shoes or water shoes. “Basketball Shorts” may be worn.
Students are asked to bring a water bottle, baseball cap, and are encouraged to come to school wearing sun screen applied at home by a parent or guardian.
As water will be used, students are highly encouraged to bring a towel. Bathing suits maybe worn under their spirit attire.