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Spike's News - Week of September 1, 2014

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Twenty-Five Ways to Ask Your Kids "So How Was School Today?" Without Asking Them "So How Was School Today?"

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Blessed Sacrament Catholic School
Class of 2015

Principal's Corner

September 2, 2014

Please join me in celebrating Blessed Sacrament Catholic School's 56th Birthday! On September 2, 1958, Blessed Sacrament opened her doors for the Church of San Antonio! The past 56 years have been an amazing experience for our parish and school community and we pray that we will have the grace to continue for another 56 years!

A special thank you to Mr. Matthew Delgado, Dr. Ron Gotanco, Mr. Christopher Monestier, Mrs. Brenda Olivarri and Mr. Phillip Reyes for accepting to the call to serve on the Blessed Sacrament School Council!

In Christ's peace,
Michael Fierro


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