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Bulldog Athletics

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Purpose of Athletics 

Developing the athlete into a positive, contributing young citizen of our community is the primary goal of the athletic program at Blessed Sacrament Catholic School. Through athletics, the enrichment of the educational process is made possible. Athletics has proven to be a positive influence on the development of the physical, social, mental, and moral character of the individual participant. Our goal, as coaches, is to provide each athlete with the opportunities to find success both on and off the courts and fields. By promoting positive attitudes, self discipline, skill development preparedness, mental and physical strength, spiritual development, leadership and pride, the development of positive citizens of this community will be enhanced.


The BSCS Bulldogs Athletic Program focuses on the following IDEAS:










Qualifications and Eligibility

Participation in any sporting event representing BSCS is a privilege which warrants certain responsibilities. All athletes will adhere to the following:


A student enrolled at Blessed Sacrament Catholic School who remains in good and regular standing is permitted to participate in any school athletic program, including cheer and dance.  A student will become ineligible if they receive a grade lower than 70 percent on a progress report or report card.  The student will remain ineligible until the next formal progress report or report card is distributed.  A student may continue practicing with the team with the expressed approval of the school principal.

  1. Conducting oneself in the classroom without causing disruption;
  2. Conducting oneself at practices, to and from games, during the games, before and after games in respectful manner.

Demerits will have the following athletic consequences in addition to the consequences given by the Dean of Students:

  • 1st Demerit – loss of playing time
  • 2nd Demerit – suspension from game
  • 3rd Demerit – dismissed from the team

Demerits issued during the off season will be considered in the decision making for upcoming seasons.


An athlete is subject to dismissal and/or elimination from the team/program for the following actions:

  1. Persistent discipline problems in school.
  2. Displaying lack of respect of obedience towards any coach, member of the staff at BSCS.
  3. Habitual attitude problems.
  4. Failure to attend classes, practices, meetings, or games.
  5. Stealing/committing unlawful acts.
  6. A parents actions at games, attitude towards officials, teachers, or coaches.

Students on “Suspension” will not be eligible to play or practice during that week of suspension.


BSCS teachers, coaches and staff are not responsible for providing transportation to/from athletic games. Parents are responsible for their own child’s transportation.

We strongly recommend that athletes be picked up by only their parents or relative. Although, should the occasion arise when an athlete must be picked up by someone other than their parents or relative, they MUST have a written permission slip submitted to the main office.

Accident and Injuries 

BSCS teachers, coaches and staff are not responsible for any accidents or injuries occurring to/from or during any athletic even. Parents are required to provide their home phone number or other number for contact of where they can be reached. Also, a phone number of the closest relative or a designated adult is to be submitted so that they can be reached if any injury occurs and the parents cannot be reached. Parents must completely fill out the Emergency Card. Information on the card is to provide the proper care and medical attention to the athlete.

Annual Physicals and Fees

Physicals for all athletes must be completed and on file prior to tryouts.  The front of the “Medical History and Physical Examination Form” must be properly filled out and signed by a doctor in order for this form to be valid. The “Athletic Handbook and Acknowledgement Form” is required and must be signed by the student and parent or guardian and turned in before the athlete’s first sport. Failure to comply with this requirement will eliminate an athlete from practices and games until the necessary forms are received and on file. Fees must be paid by the deadlines listed on the Acknowledgement Form.

Attendance and Punctuality in School and Athletics 

An athlete absent from school cannot participate in an athletic event on the day of their absence. Unexcused tardies will be determined and handled by the Head Coach.

Attendance and punctuality to all classes, practices and games is an integral part of self-discipline and responsibility. If you are to be absent for any reason, it is your responsibility to inform the Head Coach as soon as possible. The Head Coach will then determine whether or not you will participate in that week’s competition. Consequences of missing practices will be outlined by each coach. If you are injured, you must submit a parent or doctor’s note to the Head Coach. The Head Coach will then determine whether attendance at practices is necessary.

Equipment and Volunteers

All parents of athletes are required to volunteer to work in the concession stand a minimum of 2 times per sport not including tournaments hosted by the school, all parents are required to work the tournaments hosted by the their child’s team. All athletes will be held responsible for the care and maintenance of all school uniforms and equipment issued to them. Volunteer hours count towards the school’s required 10 hours of parent service per year.

Expecations from Athletes and Coaches 
  1. Coaches expect the following from their athletes:
  2. Get an education and prepare yourself for the future.
  3. Dedicate yourself to improve spiritually in all aspects of life.
  4. Give unselfishly of yourself for the good of the TEAM.
  5. Be the best person you can possibly be with your talents.
  6. Be completely honest with yourself and others.
  7. Express genuine loyalty to your school, coaches, teachers, and teammates.
  8. Encourage and display a POSITIVE ATTITUDE at all times.
  9. Be on time, if not early, to all meetings, practices, and games.
  10. At all times, exhibit character and commitment.
  11. Understands playing time will be earned during practices and playing time may also be very limited with the possibility of not playing at all.

Expect the following from your coaches:

  1. To provide opportunities for you to reach your personal and educational goals.
  2. To make all decisions in the best interest of the TEAM.
  3. To be honest in all situations.
  4. To express loyalty to the school and to its athletes.
  5. To provide leadership and training necessary to achieve the goals set forth.
  6. To be fair and consistent will all players.
  7. To not show favoritism to any particular player or players.
  8. To help our athletes grow and mature spiritually as a productive, positive member of the community.
Game Conduct and Sport Policies 

Pre-game warm-up is imperative. It sets the atmosphere for which the athletes will perform throughout the game. Athletes must pride themselves in their warm-ups; it prepares the athlete physically and mentally for the impending contest. Poise and composure are a must at all times. Officials are to be respected at all times and should not be questioned on their calls. Only team captains and appointed spokesperson are allowed to address the officials. Encourage your teammates positively.  Always run on and off the field and court with pride. Shake hands politely and with pride at the conclusion of the game. Any BAD ATTITUDES before, during and after a game may result in less or no playing time.


Receiving an education is your primary goal at BSCS.  As an athlete, you must take full responsibility for classroom expectations. Athletes who attend mandatory tutoring must present a note signed by the teacher with the time dismissed. No note provided will be considered an absence. Athletics at BSCS is important but your education is FOREVER.  Do not lose focus on that!


Giving 110% of yourself in every play and in practices is the secret to achieving true success. You must make things happen by taking charge and producing results. You must be willing to accept the challenge and develop self-confidence in your every move.  Success deals with intense performance and positive results in athletics and in the classroom.


Athletes will follow all school dress codes in and out of athletics.  Jewelry will not be worn to practices and competitions. Long nails will not be permitted during practices or competition due to injuries to the athlete or to others. Game uniforms are to be worn to the away games and during the games taking place. Your appearance is a reflection of personal pride and character. Each team member is to be dressed uniformly with her teammates while participating in all competitions.

Dressing Room

he locker room should remain clean at all times. The locker room is a direct reflection of the athletes. Place all items in their correct place. If given a locker during a particular season, secure your locker at all times.  Coaches and the school will not be accountable for any missing items that were carelessly left out or taken from unlocked lockers.

Coaches will not be held responsible for any valuable items. These items must be locked in the lockers and it is the athlete’s responsibility to care for such items. Remember, all lockers are to be used for athletic purposes only. You will not be allowed to retrieve any items from the lockers until practices or games occur after school. Any issued equipment that is found will be taken and the person responsible will be disciplined accordingly by the Athletic Director or Head Coach.


“Winners never quit and quitters never win”!  QUITTING A TEAM WILL FORFEIT ANY AND ALL AWARDS FOR THAT SPORT.  An athlete who quits on sport may not begin another sport without the consent of the Head Coach and Athletic Director.


Respect others are you would like to be respected.  When someone addresses you individually or as a group, your attention should be given and eye contact should be established.


Sportsmanship is mandatory at all times, in victory as well as defeat.  Any unsportsmanlike conduct, including taunting, will not be tolerated.

Athletic Awards 

If a student is failing during a season sport, they may not be eligible for any awards due to academic obligations.

REMEMBER……. ATHLETICS IS A PRIVILEGE, NOT A RIGHT!  You must work hard to achieve the goals you want to obtain and if any rules are continuously broken, you will not have the PRIVILEGE to participate in the Athletic Program.

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