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School Council


Blessed Sacrament Catholic School Council

The Blessed Sacrament Catholic School Council is an advisory committee from which the Pastor and Principal seek advice and expertise in school matters including, but not limited to, finance school policy, and long-range planning.

School Council Documents
School Council Membership
Mrs. Sandra Espinoza Ms. Sarai Simpson
Mrs. Elizabeth Hart Fr. Chris Muñoz, Ex-Officio 
Mrs. Raquel Hernandez  Mr. Michael Fierro, Ex-Officio 
Mrs. Gabrielle Herrera
Mr. Hector Ledesma
Mr. Joe Moncada
Mr. Edward Romero
School Council Meeting Agendas 
August 15, 2022 February 2023
September 2022 March 2023
October 2022 April 2023
November 2022 May 2023
January 2023 June 2023


School Council Membership Application

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