"Building the City of God Beginning with a Spiritual and Academic Foundation."

Parents as Partners

As partners in the educational process at Blessed Sacrament Catholic School, we ask parents:

  • To set rules, times, and limits so that your child
  • Gets to bed early on school nights;
  • Arrives at school on time and is picked up on time at the end of the day;
  • Is dressed according to the school dress code;
  • Completes class assignments on time;
  • Has lunch money or sack lunch every day.
  • To support the religious and academic goals of the school.
  • To meet all financial obligations to the school.
  • To support and cooperate with the discipline policy of the school.
  • To treat faculty and staff with respect and courtesy in discussing student concerns.
  • To actively participate in school activities such as Parent Teacher Club, Parent-Teacher Conferences, and Fund-raising.
  • To read school notes and newsletters, keep current contact information with the office, and send notes for tardies or absences

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