"Building the City of God Beginning with a Spiritual and Academic Foundation."

Parents as Partners

As partners in the educational process at Blessed Sacrament Catholic School, we ask parents:

  • To set rules, times, and limits so that your child
  • Gets to bed early on school nights;
  • Arrives at school on time and is picked up on time at the end of the day;
  • Is dressed according to the school dress code;
  • Completes class assignments on time;
  • Has lunch money or sack lunch every day.
  • To support the religious and academic goals of the school.
  • To meet all financial obligations to the school.
  • To support and cooperate with the discipline policy of the school.
  • To treat faculty and staff with respect and courtesy in discussing student concerns.
  • To actively participate in school activities such as Parent Teacher Club, Parent-Teacher Conferences, and Fund-raising.
  • To read school notes and newsletters, keep current contact information with the office, and send notes for tardies or absences

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Principal's Corner

Our 2023 Thanksgiving Food Drive will take place next week and will benefit our Blessed Sacrament Food Pantry!  Our Food Pantry depends on he generosity of our parish school to sustain itself during the holiday season.  Thank you for opening your hearts to those most vulnerable in our parish!