"Building the City of God Beginning with a Spiritual and Academic Foundation."

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Partners in Faith,

Since 1958, our parish community has remained committed to supporting our parish school as an integral ministry in the faith formation of our students.  While pastors, principals, staff members, families and students have come and gone, our mission of providing spiritual formation and an academic foundation has remained.

As Pope Francis said, “The education of children and young people is such an important task in forming them as free and responsible persons….it is especially the responsibility of the Church, who is called to serve mankind from the heart of God and in such a way that no other institution can.”  It is with the Holy Father’s words in mind that Blessed Sacrament Catholic School proudly proclaims our Mission Statement:

“The mission of Blessed Sacrament Catholic School is to provide, within an active Christian learning environment, quality education and formation of the whole person by nurturing the development of each child’s talents in the love and service of God and community.”

We are truly blessed to have had such wonderful parents who recognized the value of a Catholic education.  Their vision of what they wanted for their children, and the sacrifices they may have made to make that vision happen will always serve as great examples to their children.

Our Parish School will be celebrating our 65th Anniversary!  These are exciting times for Blessed Sacrament.  We are very fortunate to have a School Council, and a Parish Finance Council that are committed to supporting a new and bold vision for our school.  While we face many challenges ahead, I have no doubts that our Parish community will embrace these challenges, and continue to move our school toward greater heights.

I invite you to come visit our school and see the many outstanding things happening in Bulldog Country.  The labor of those who laid the foundation for our parish and school is bearing much fruit and I am truly blessed to be part of the journey.

God bless,

Fr. Christopher Munoz

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Principal's Corner

Our 2023 Thanksgiving Food Drive will take place next week and will benefit our Blessed Sacrament Food Pantry!  Our Food Pantry depends on he generosity of our parish school to sustain itself during the holiday season.  Thank you for opening your hearts to those most vulnerable in our parish!