"Building the City of God Beginning with a Spiritual and Academic Foundation."

Faculty and Staff


“The achievement of the Catholic school depends not so much on subject matter or methodology as on the people that work there.”

 ~The Catholic School


Mrs. Nancy Vazquez – Pre-Kindergarten 3

Mrs. Leticia Bustos – Pre-Kindergarten 3 Assistant 

Mrs. Clarissa Chavarria – Pre-Kindergarten 4

Ms. Veronica Duarte – Pre-Kindergarten 4 Assistant 

Ms. Davina Aguilar – Kindergarten

Mrs. Elizabeth Alonzo – First Grade

Mrs. Natalie Jimenez – Second Grade

Ms. Julia Garcia – Primary Level Assistant 

Ms. Roxanna Herrera – Third Grade

Mrs. Laurine Heinsheimer – Intermediate Religion & Social Studies

Ms. Irma Gonzalez – Intermediate English, Language Arts & Reading

Ms. Cindi Tyler – Intermediate Math & Science

Mr. Lionel Laguna – Middle School Social Studies

Mrs. Cindy Gomez – Middle School Literature & Language Arts

Sr. Josephine Nguyen – Middle School Mathematics

Mr. Raul Carrillo – Middle School Science

Mrs. Ana Padilla – Middle School Religion

Mr. Nicholas Leija – Intermediate & Middle School Spanish

Sr. My-Hanh Tran, CDP – Art & Religion

Mr. Andrew Torres – Athletic Director & Physical Education 

Mrs. Lela Reyes – School Librarian 

Mr. Jacob Castrejana – Technology & Computer Coding

Mr. Edward Doran – Music

Mrs. Lynn Chapman – Title I Services 

Administrative and Office Staff

Ms. Katherine McVay – School Counselor 

Mrs. Patricia Martinez – School Secretary

Ms. Lizz Ramirez – School Bookkeeper 

Mrs. Georgia Rangel – Parent Engagement Specialist 

Ms. Laura  Ortiz – Early Childhood Learning Specialist 


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