Life in our library is lovely as we begin to take on 2018 and the busy spring semester.  This school year we began by introducing the students to our theme: “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”  We first celebrated the importance of the individual and each made our own mark on Dot Day.  Then we were able to add, share, and discuss many beautiful books extending on our theme and the Gospel values over the rest of the fall semester.  The One Day House by Julia Durango not only told the story of a boy who rallied his community together to care for a neighbor’s house, but it also encouraged readers to find their own way of helping fellow neighbors in need.  In the upcoming months we will continue to study more stories that illustrate our theme and the Gospel values, like Shelter by Celine Claire and Qin Leng.

Before January closes, our students in grades third through sixth will be taking part in the vote for the 2018 Texas Bluebonnet Award.   As we prepare in February for the Big Give in March and the students continue to work on their service projects, we will learn more about the works of mercy, love, and reconciliation, as illustrated beautifully in the wordless book Draw the Line by Kathryn Otoshi.  When we enter April – National Poetry Month –  we will be enjoying many poetry books like The Watcher by Nikki Grimes, which demonstrate how we can turn enemies into friends, and reveals to the readers how God loves us and watches over us all, as inspired by Psalm 121.  In May we will be celebrating Our Blessed Mother and the wonderful community in which each of us plays a special part.  We will discover new favorites at our spring bookfair, and ready the kids for plenty of summer reading.

With so much ahead of us, we hope you will pray for us, and for the success of our students and their continued love of reading.  We will continue to pray for all of you, our Blessed Parish Friends and Family!

Many blessings.

Mrs. Reyes and Ms. Casanova