Dear Friends of Blessed Sacrament

On behalf of our parish school, I would like to wish each of you a very happy and holy Christmas season!

Each one of us has one or two Christmas carols which speak to our hearts in a special way.  By far, O Holy Night is my favorite Christmas carol.  This year, in particular, the song seems to speak to my heart and mind in a unique way.  A catch phrase in the first verse reads, “A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices.”  One cannot pick up a newspaper, glance at a news website or scroll on someone’s social media feed without reading about the hardships of our global society.  In every corner of our world, we find poverty, war, disease, famine, and children suffering.  Just like the first Christmas, it appears that our world is once again in a “weary state.”

At Christmas, however, we remember and rejoice at Christ’s coming to a weary world. Our faith teaches us that we must have trust in the Blessed Sacrament.  We must not succumb to the weariness of our society’s misfortunes.  We must be a “thrill of hope” to the poor, to those living in war, those affected by disease and famine, and to all children who are our most precious resource.  While we anticipate this Second Coming, how can we be a thrill of hope to our neighbors?  This Christmas, I pray that each member of our parish and school community has the strength to face the challenges in our daily lives with a heart of love and peace.

On behalf of the faculty, staff, and students of Blessed Sacrament Catholic School I would like to thank you for your continued support of our educational mission.  We continue to hope we are doing God’s will as we advance the evangelizing mission of our Catholic Church.

In closing, I offer you this Irish Christmas Blessing:

Heavenly Father, Gracious Mother, who have sent Jesus into the world to seal your love affair with humankind, grant that in the family joy of Christmas festival, we may welcome you into our families and with your presence transform our family life so that it will mirror your love for us.  We ask this in the name of Jesus the Lord.  Amen. 

Christmas blessings,

Michael Fierro