Dennis Uniforms

  • School uniform pants, walking shorts, skirts, blouses and jumpers must be Dennis uniform brand.

Uniform Shoes

  • Must Be All Black Solid Black Dress Shoes or All Black Solid Athletic Shoes
  • Must Have Rubber Soles
  • Soles Can Be No Higher than 1/2 Inch
  • Heels Can Be No Higher than 3/4 Inch
  • Velcro or Slip On Required for Students in Pre-Kindergarten 4, Kindergarten and First Grade


  • Boys: Solid White or Black Crew Socks, Solid White Or Black Ankle Socks (No Emblems)
  • Girls: Solid White or Navy Crew Socks, Solid White or Navy Knee-High Socks, Solid White or Navy Tights, Solid White or Navy Bobby Socks (No Emblems)
  • Chica Scholar Socks (White, Navy, Gray or Red) May Be Worn


  • A black or navy belt must be worn with the boys’ long pants or walking shorts.


  • Female students wearing skirts or jumpers must wear solid color shorts underneath their skirts or jumpers.