Last year, Blessed Sacrament Catholic School participated in a Catholic School Improvement Parent Survey conducted by Excellence with Integrity, a national firm working with Catholic schools across the United States.  One of the trends identified in survey results was the desire to reformat our school’s discipline policy for intermediate and middle school students.  Over the summer months, we examined various school discipline policies for Catholic elementary and middle schools.  It was our hope to examine best practices as we created a Catholic approach to student discipline.

During our Back to School Week of Professional Development, I introduced Bulldogs R.I.S.E. to the faculty and staff.  The program is based on four scripture-based virtues – Respect, Integrity, Service and Effort.

While we hope our students will demonstrate positive behavior 365 days of the year, we acknowledge childhood is a time when students develop their conscience and code of conduct. When a student falls short of our school’s behavioral expectations, we will ask them to reflect upon how they can R.I.S.E. as a Bulldog in future situations.

The faculty and I will be working with students to understand the Bulldogs R.I.S.E. program.  Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have an idea or suggestion on how to further animate this program!

Michael Fierro