Friends of the Blessed Sacrament,

Last weekend, I spoke with at each of the Masses at Blessed Sacrament asking for parishioner support for our 2020#BigGiveSA Campaign. As part of my announcement, I shared the following tweet:


But what else would one expect from Catholic schools? We have been adapting to the tribulations of the times and culture since our foundation. Every time a challenge or obstacle is placed in our way, we place our trust in God, come together as a community and get things done!

Well once again, Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church and School got things done! Despite a change in date, a fragile economy and a decrease in donor base, we had a very successful 2020#BigGiveSA!

We have incredible news! Although we have a few donations still being made and processed, our Unofficial Donation total is $41,655.21! I would also like to share with you some great leadership rankings. In the 2020#BigGiveSA, Blessed Sacrament Catholic School earned:

  • #22 Overall in Donations with $41,655.21
  • #14 Overall in Donors with 311 Individual Donors
  • #13 in Donations among Non-Profit Organizations with an Operational Budget over $1 Million Dollars
  • #9 in Donors among Non-Profit Organizations with an Operational Budget over $1 Million Dollars

I would like to thank everyone who played a role in the 2020#BigGiveSA Campaign as an individual donor, corporate sponsor, contributor or cheerleader! In particular, I would like to thank Mrs. Lela Reyes, our School Librarian, for her hard work and dedication to the event’s planning, Mrs. Patricia Martinez for assisting so many people in making their online or in person contributions, and Fr. Chris Munoz for allowing us to collaborate with our parish community in promoting the event.

Although life has not been easy these past six months, I  know God has allowed His grace to work through me by blessing me with the support of such an amazing parish community.May the Blessed Sacrament and His Blessed Mother be with you today and always. And remember, SPREAD THE GOSPEL, NOT GERMS!

In service to the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament,

Michael Fierro