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Blessed Sacrament Catholic School welcomes the opportunity for our parents, guardians and grandparents to volunteer throughout the school year.  The Archdiocese of San Antonio requires that all volunteers complete the following:

A volunteer’s Criminal Background Check and VIRTUS Training are valid for three years and must be re-completed once the background check and safe environment training has expired. The Sexual Misconduct Policy Statement is valid for life, unless Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller decide otherwise.

Any parent, guardian or grandparent may check their VIRTUS and Criminal Background Check status using the forms below. Please allow 24 hours for the verification process.


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Principal's Corner

Our Field Day will take place on Wednesday, May 24, 2023. Students may wear a Blessed Sacrament shirt, t-shirt, or jersey with comfortable shorts, and tennis shoes or water shoes. “Basketball Shorts” may be worn.
Students are asked to bring a water bottle, baseball cap, and are encouraged to come to school wearing sun screen applied at home by a parent or guardian.
As water will be used, students are highly encouraged to bring a towel. Bathing suits maybe worn under their spirit attire.