Friends of Blessed Sacrament,

It is with great excitement that I announce a new tuition scholarship program for Blessed Sacrament Catholic school families!

Late this summer, a generous parish family expressed their commitment to Catholic education at Blessed Sacrament.  The generosity of these individuals will help new families seeking a Catholic education, current families seeking financial assistance for continued enrollment and emergency funds for families experiencing a one time financial difficulty or life-changing event.  Awarded tuition assistance may also be used towards After School Care (ASC).

Blessed Sacrament will use FACTS Tuition Management to process tuition assistance applications.  This will allow an independent, third-party vendor, to asses a family’s financial need.  Although FACTS Tuition Management does charge $35.00 for the application fee, we understand that most families who are applying may not be able to afford this application fee.  Therefore, the following guidelines will be used:

  • A family who applies for tuition assistance and is awarded, will be provided an additional $35.00 in tuition assistance.
  • A family who applies for tuition assistance is not awarded, will be provided a $35.00 tuition credit on their next month’s tuition.

The online application does require families to submit their 2018 tax documents as part of the application process.  FACTS Tuition Management uses the application information and tax documents to calculate a financial need.  I have added, however, two open ended questions that allow families to provide additional information that might not be included in the application.  For privacy purposes, Ms. Lizz Ramirez will only be able to verify that an application has been completed and submitted.

Those families experiencing a one time financial difficulty or life-life changing event do not need to complete the online application.  Families needing emergency funding are asked to contact me directly.

Families who applied with Hope for the Future in the Spring of 2019 will not need to re-apply for this program since their application is already in the FACTS Tuition Management system.   A request must simply be made in writing and submitted for funding consideration.  This request may be done in writing or via email to

Those interested in applying for tuition assistance, may visit Blessed Sacrament’s Grant & Aid Financial Needs Assessment platform.  Currently families may sign-in using their current credentials.  New families seeking enrollment at Blessed Sacrament will need to register for a username and password before completing the application.

The fall application process will be open through Tuesday, October 15, 2019.  Families will be notified once an award has been made.

I ask for your prayers of thanksgiving for this generous donation.  May the Holy Family of Jesus, the Blessed Mother and Saint Joseph bless our donors abundantly!

In Christ’s peace and mercy,

Michael Fierro