Dear, Blessed Sacrament Families,

We’re very excited to let you all know that Blessed Sacrament will be participating in Solidarity Day this year on Tuesday, October 2.  Solidarity Day is celebrated Archdiocesan-wide as a way of showing our unity in Christ, that we are all members of one family under God, and that we are united in faith, love, and hope against bullying.  We are inviting all the students to wear orange t-shirts that day as a symbol of our solidarity.  We are also celebrating with a few other school-wide events.

Our first event of the day will be a play about Spookley the Square Pumpkin.  Spookley is quite different from other pumpkins in her pumpkin patch.  Instead of being round, Spookley grew into the shape of a square.  Spookley feels very out of place among all the other round pumpkins in the patch, and the other pumpkins don’t do much to help her feel like she belongs.  One day, Spookley discovers her strength in her different-ness, and ends up saving the pumpkin patch just as things begin to look hopeless.  This play will be performed and staged by our 4th and 5th grade students.

After the play, we’ll be doing a unity activity as a school called Project Connect.  Each student at Blessed Sacrament will be given a strip of orange paper.  On one side of the paper, the students will write one thing they do to help make their school a safe place to be.  On the other side of the paper, the students will write one characteristic they have that makes them proud or unique.  Next, we’ll connect our strips of paper forming one long Unity Chain which will be displayed in the cafeteria.

For more information on Solidarity Day, you can refer to the flyer attached to this email or you can visit the Unity Day website at


Katie Keith, MA, LMFT-A

School Counselor, Blessed Sacrament Catholic School