Parents/Guardians, Faculty and Staff, and Friends of Blessed Sacrament,

I pray that you are enjoying God’s grace and peace this Sunday ahead of our First Day of School on Thursday!

As we approach the First Day of School, I wanted to provide some information regarding school uniforms.  In speaking with Mrs. Wilkinson and a couple of parents, there are some sizes that are currently on backorder and present an issue for coming in school uniform on Thursday.

Since this is out of anyone’s control, I have provided the following options that a family may select going into the first days of school.

Option 1

Entering Sixth Grade students may wear the Fifth Grade uniform until the Middle School uniforms are shipped to our uniform store and distributed to families who have purchased or will be purchasing.  Families are not expected to buy last year’s uniforms while we await their arrival.

Option 2

A family may decide to purchase similar colors of shirts, shorts, or pants for their student(s) to wear while we await their arrival.

Option 3

A family may decide to send their student to school in “business casual” attire for children.  This includes pants, skirts, tops, walking shorts, etc.  Families are not expected to go out and purchase items, but rather use what a student has in his or her current clothing attire while we await the arrival of school uniforms. Jeans, jean shorts, cargo shorts, etc. are not allowed.

If Options

I hope this provides options for those experiencing back orders of school uniforms. While not ideal, we must find joy in the circumstances and remain flexible as partners in the education of our students.

Wishing you a blessed evening!

In service to the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament,

Michael Fierro