January 12, 2023

The Blessed Sacrament Catholic School Council has been working throughout the fall semester in restructuring this advisory council to meet the needs of our parish school.  The time was taken to review the School Council Constitution and By-Laws, reassess standing committees, and begin the process of selecting Executive Committee Members and Committee Chairpersons. The School Council will be speaking at the January Bulldog Fellowship Night to solicit assistance from other parents and guardians who may want to assist with various committee tasks and responsibilities.

School Council Executive Committee

  • President – Mr. Eddie Romero
  • Vice President – Mrs. Anna Muñoz
  • Secretary – Mrs. Sandra Espiñoza
  • Financial Officer – Mr. Joe Moncada

School Council Executive Committee

  • Alumni – Mrs. Gabrielle Herrera, Chair
  • Facilities and Technology – Mrs. Liz Hart, Chair
  • Halloween Carnival – Mrs. Kimberly Rodriguez, Chair
  • Marketing and Development – Vacant
  • Nomination Committee – Mrs. Belia McDonald, Chair
  • Parish Relations – Ms. Liz Hart, Vice-Chair
  • Strategic Planning – Mrs. Raquel Hernandez, Chair
  • Student Services – Mrs. Belia McDonald, Chair

I commend the School Council for their leadership in organizing in a manner that will be best for our parish school community and I congratulate the newly elected Executive Committee and Committee Chairs!

In service to the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament,

Michael Fierro