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General School Uniform Information

Dennis Uniforms School uniform pants, walking shorts, skirts, blouses and jumpers must be Dennis uniform brand. Uniform Shoes Must Be All Black Solid Black Dress Shoes or All Black Solid Athletic Shoes Must Have Rubber Soles Soles Can Be No Higher than 1/2 Inch Heels Can Be No Higher than 3/4 Inch Velcro or Slip […]


Summer Math Homework

Students Entering Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade Reasoning Minds – Blueprint Parent Letter Reasoning Minds – Blueprint Log for Elementary Students  Students Entering Third Grade, Fourth Grade and Fifth Grade Reasoning Minds – Foundations Parent Letter Reasoning Minds – Blueprint Log for Intermediate Students Students Entering Middle School Grade Levels  Summer Math Homework Letter […]


Summer Reading Homework

Students Entering Pre-Kindergarten 4 Early Childhood High Frequency Word List Students Entering Kindergarten Early Childhood High Frequency Word List Students Entering First Grade First Grade Summer Reading Log Students Entering Second Grade Second Grade Summer Reading Log Students Entering Intermediate Grade Levels Revised Intermediate Required Reading List and Assignments Students Entering Middle School Grade Levels  […]


Tall Ships Race

Portugal is known for their Portuguese Navy and their fleet of powerful ships. In preparation for our visit to Portugal and Spain, each student is asked to create a ship that you will race in our very own Blessed Sacrament Catholic School’s Tall Ships Race. You will have until May 24 th to create your […]


“This is my body, given up for you.”

Congratulations to our Blessed Sacrament Catholic School Second Grade and Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church CCD/RCIC students who received their First Holy Communion this past Saturday, May 4, 2019. Father Christopher Muñoz celebrated the mass and Father Inna Gunreddy concelebrated in his first Holy Communion mass with our parish community. We would like to thank Sr. […]


Improvisation Day

To reward students for having attained competency in music fundamentals, I have designated Wednesdays as improvisation day.  On this day, students have the opportunity to explore, create, collaborate, and make choices about what instruments to play.  The use of online music tutorials allows for self-guided learning. My role during improvisation day is to facilitate, monitor […]


Future Engineers

After learning about the attributes of polygons and 3 dimensional shapes, the Second Grade students were given a STEAM activity in which they had to build 3 Dimensional shapes.  Their objective was to build a cube, a rectangular prism, and a triangular prism using toothpicks, skewers, and marshmallows.   To complete this challenge students had to […]


Donuts with Dad

Our Parent Teacher Committee (PTC) is sponsoring our 2019 Donuts with Dad on Thursday, May 2, 2019 in the Parish Banquet Hall between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. This annual event celebrates the unique relationship between fathers and children. Our school’s PTC decorates our parish hall and provides donuts, coffee, juice and milk for over […]

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