Blessed Sacrament Families,

Several families have reached out to the School Office inquiring about the likes and favorite things of our staff members.  Listed below are the informational sheets that were submitted to the School Office in August 2022.  Please know there is no expectation, obligation, or requirement to purchase any item for any staff member at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church or School.  The lists are provided only for those families who have expressed an interest in learning more about our faculty and staff members.

In service to the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament,

Michael Fierro


A Few of Their Favorite Things

Mrs. Vazquez, Pre-Kindergarten 3

Mrs. Bustos, Pre-Kindergarten 3

Mrs. Segovia, Pre-Kindergarten 4

Mrs. Bissey, Pre-Kindergarten 4

Ms. Aguilar, Kindergarten

Mrs. Hernandez, First Grade

Mrs. Jimenez, Second Grade

Ms. Herrera, Third Grade

Mrs. Rangel, Intermediate Math & Science

Ms. Gonzalez, Intermediate ELAR

Mr. Laguna, Intermediate & Middle School Social Studies

Mrs. Cavazos, Intermediate & Middle School Spanish

Sr. Josephine Nguyen, Middle School Mathematics

Mr. Carrillo, Middle School Science

Mrs. Gomez, Middle School ELAR

Mrs. Padilla, Intermediate & Middle School Religion

Mr. Castrejana, Technology & Middle School Social Studies

Sr. My-Hanh Tran, Elementary Religion & Art

Mrs. Marton, Music & Drama

Mrs. Reyes, School Librarian

Mr. Torres, Physical Education

Mrs. Chapman, Title I Academic Intervention

Ms. Ortiz, Early Childhood Specialist

Mrs. Clavere, Parent Engagement Specialist

Ms. McVay, School Counselor

Ms. Gallegos, School Counselor

Mrs. Martinez, School Office Manager

Mrs. Garza, School Nurse