Eighth Grade Parents and Guardians,

We are excited about the opportunity your student has to take the HSPT on campus on December 11, 2020.  Usually students have to attend testing offsite at a high school campus; however, due to COVID, we are offering a smaller testing venue for all of our students.  We are encouraging all 8th grade students to sign up for testing, even if you are unsure right now of your high school plans.  By having your student take the test on December 11,  2020 you are providing your student the opportunity to see all of their options.

In order to register for the test, please do the following:

1.  Visit https://stsusers.com/stsusers/registration/static/sanantonio.php

2.  Select the school you are currently attending for the 12/11 test.

3.  Complete the registration process including payment.

4.  If your child requires accommodations on a regular basis (this would have been discussed with you by your school), please find the drop down section on the main page that references Accommodations.  Print this form and fill it out and return it to your child’s school by Wednesday, 12/2.

If you are opting to take the test on 12/12 at a high school location, please register according to the testing site of your choice.

If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Amy Hudson at amy.hudson@archsa.org.  She will be able to help you troubleshoot any problems.

I also invite you to review the HSPT FAQ Sheet regarding the Catholic High School Placement Test below.

In service to the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament,

Michael Fierro