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General Uniform Information

Dennis Uniforms

  • School uniform pants, walking shorts, skirts, blouses, and jumpers must be Dennis uniform brand.

Uniform Shoes

  • Must be all black solid black dress shoes or black, red, white, blue, or gray athletic shoes. Athletic shoes may be a combination of approved colors.
  • All shoes must have rubber soles.
  • Soles can be no higher than 1/2 inch.
  • Heels can be no higher than 3/4 inch.
  • Velcro or slip-on required for students in Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and First Grade.


  • Boys: Solid White or Black Crew Socks without emblems. Ankle Socks are not allowed.
  • Girls: Solid White or Navy Crew Socks, Solid White or Navy Knee-High Socks, Solid White or Navy Tights, Solid White or Navy Bobby Socks (No Emblems)
  • Chica Scholar Socks (White, Navy, Gray, or Red) May Be Worn


  • A black or navy belt must be worn with the boys’ long pants or walking shorts. Students in Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and First Grade are strongly encouraged to wear a Velcro or magnetic belt.


  • Female students wearing skirts or jumpers must wear solid color shorts underneath their skirts or jumpers.

Bulldog Spirit Dress Guidelines

  • Students may wear a Blessed Sacrament Catholic School or Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church CYO or a University of the Incarnate Word (UIW) polo, t-shirt, or jersey with their uniform pants, uniform shorts, uniform skirt, or uniform dress and tennis shoes.  Blue jeans, blue jean shorts, cargo shorts, Capri’s, or other non-uniform dress may not be worn on Bulldog Spirit Dress Days unless noted on Spike’s News.

Winter Wear

  • Blessed Sacrament Catholic School provides families with the opportunity to purchase red cardigan sweaters, red v-neck sweaters, blue fleeces, and blue jackets.  The School Office will place a one-time order on Friday, August 30, 2024.  These red cardigan sweaters, v-neck sweaters, blue fleeces, and blue jackets may be worn at any time inside the classroom buildings, in the school cafeteria, in the gym, and in the Church.
  • The PTC Leadership Team will provide an opportunity to order Spirit Sweatshirts throughout the school year.  These spirit sweatshirts may be worn at any time inside the classroom buildings, in the school cafeteria, in the gym, and in the Church. 
  • Any other items (School Athletics, Parish CYO Program, Personlized Items Using the Bulldog Logo, or Non-Uniform Items) may be worn on the playground, in the school cafeteria, or during passing periods between buildings.  In the event of abnormal colder weather, the Principal will amend this policy as needed or required for student health and safety. 

Cold Winter Dress Days

  • Cold Winter Dress Days will be announced when local weather is predicted to affect student health and safety given the outdoor nature of our school campus. Cold Winter Dress Days will be announced via FACTS SIS Text Messaging, Remind App Messaging, School Emails, and Social Media Posts. 
  • Girls may wear solid blue, solid black or khaki pants with their uniform top. Denim, denim-like, leggings, or warm-ups may not be worn. School shoes must be worn.
  • Boys may wear a solid red, solid white or solid blue long-sleeve t-shirt under their school polo.



General Uniform Information Adopted June 1, 2023

 Updated June 10, 2024

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Our 2023 Thanksgiving Food Drive will take place next week and will benefit our Blessed Sacrament Food Pantry!  Our Food Pantry depends on he generosity of our parish school to sustain itself during the holiday season.  Thank you for opening your hearts to those most vulnerable in our parish!