Fall Semester Exams will be administered to students in sixth grade, seventh grade and eighth grade on Friday, December 13th, Monday, December 16th and Tuesday, December 17th.  Study guides will be distributed to middle school students on Monday, December 2, 2019.  For your convinence, study guides are also avaliable below.

The formual for a student’s semester grade is as follows:

  • First Grading Period (42.5%)
  • Second Grading Period Grade (42.5%)
  • Semester Exam Grade (15%)

Parents are encouraged to reivew the 2019 Fall Semester Exam Schedule.  Students are highly encouraged to get a good night’s sleep, enjoy a healthy breakfast and arrive on time.

Middle School students will have an adjusted dress code for Fall Semester Exams.  Both parents and students are asked to review the dress code.  A student may also come in their regular school uniform.

  • Blessed Sacrament Shirt or T-Shirt
  • Blue Jeans, Blue Jean Shorts, Navy or Khaki Cargo Shorts, Capri’s
  • Appropriate Warm-Ups
  • Tennis Shoes