Through the PK4SA grant, the students in Pre-Kindergarten 3, Pre-Kindergarten 4, and Kindergarten have become a part of the CHEF (Culinary Health Education Program) program. The program is rooted in the belief that food is medicine and its mission is to teach children and their families that they should cook well, eat well and live well. This week, the Pre-K and Kinder students completed their first lesson. They were involved in the process of making Tostadas Deliciosas from spreading beans on their tostadas to cutting their veggies and crumbling their queso fresco. Students learned how to read and follow a recipe, hold their knives, cut their vegetables and squeeze their lime. They had so much fun learning how to create their own food while learning the importance of eating at home by volunteering to help their parents in the kitchen.

Throughout the remainder of the program, students will continue learning about the 5 CHEF healthy habits which include:

  • eating at home, moving more,
  • drinking plenty of water,
  • eating a healthy breakfast daily,
  • and filling their plate with colorful fruits and vegetables at every meal while having fun making yummy recipes.