This year, Blessed Sacrament Catholic School will implement Blueprint into our Pre-Kindergarten 4, Kindergarten and First Grade curriculum.  Blueprint is the precursor program for Reasoning Mind’s Foundations which is used in our Second through Fifth Grades.

According to the team at Reasoning Mind, Blueprint is designed to meet a critical need in early childhood education: the lack of high-quality instructional resources for math. Research has shown that early math skills are one of the best predictors for later academic success, and can be even more predictive of achievement than early reading skills.

Like all Reasoning Mind programs, the Blueprint curriculum is designed by expert mathematicians and can be used by teachers of any experience level. Lessons in Blueprint focus on the five essential content areas of early childhood math education: numbers and operations; patterns and algebra; geometry and spatial sense; measurement; and data analysis. Additionally, special attention is given to inspiring an interest in learning for young students, and connecting math to the surrounding world.

When using Blueprint, students move through the interactive curriculum one lesson at a time, and are guided along by a diverse cast of animated characters, through a landscape of virtual locations and a captivating collection of original music and songs. All Blueprint lessons contain rich audio and child-friendly narration, so no reading is required. Finally, Blueprint is completely flexible with regards to technology; it can be used on desktops, laptops, and tablet devices.

Teachers using Blueprint will have access to powerful data and at-a-glance indicators for both class and individual performance. Using Blueprint’s dashboard reports, teachers can easily identify the students most in need of help, and respond quickly to get them back on track. They can also supplement the program’s standardized scope and sequence to meet their school or center’s unique curriculum needs.

We invite you to explore what Blueprint will be addressing in our Pre-Kindergarten 4, Kindergarten and First Grade programs!