Recently Blessed Sacrament Catholic School celebrated the 100th day of school. The Pre-Kindergarten class partnered with the second grade students to create necklaces made of 100 Froot Loops. We put the Froot Loops in ten groups of ten and then strung the cereal on yarn to create a yummy snack. We also created posters using one hundred items to help us learn how to count to 100 and we displayed them in the halls of Building A.

This week, we are focusing on the letter R. We have practiced picking out words that begin with the /r/ sound in books that we have read aloud. We also read Rainbow Fish together, and discussed the importance of sharing, and being kind to others. After our story, students used water colors to paint the scales for their very own rainbow fish! Our craft will be on display in the classroom until next week.

Marilyn Sanchez
Pre-Kindergarten Teacher